Executorships & probate

We have a substantial team who specialise in all aspects of Executorship & Probate work. Our service is flexible, so that it meets the individual requirements of Estates of all sizes. We offer:-

  • Full administration
  • Accountancy & Taxation Services
  • General advice and support

With due care and attention, and as appropriate, we undertake to:-

  • Administer all aspects of the Estate.
  • Provide draft or interim accounts to highlight outstanding matters or assist in the completion of a corrective affidavit.
  • Provide final comprehensive accounts which will be presented, so as to be easily understood by professionals and non-professionals.
  • Deal with HM Revenue and Customs and complete all tax forms as are necessary.
  • Offer tax advice to try to minimise the tax payable on death and during the administration period.
  • Provide an efficient, timely and professional service.
  • Provide impartial advice and opinion as may be necessary.

The efficient administration of an Estate and timely completion of accountancy and taxation matters, enables early transfer of entitlements to beneficiaries. The creditors, professional and administration expenses are paid in good time.

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